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Big “Rooter” Companies VS. Superior Sewer & Drain Service

Don’t get hustled into paying big $$ for a service or repair you don’t need!

Why pay more when you don’t have to? As consumers we are often tempted to rely on name recognition when choosing a product or service. Big rooter corporations spend millions of dollars every year to drill their names into your brain so that in an emergency you think of them first. But you work too hard to throw your money down the drain. Big rooter companies may not have your best interest at heart. For example, they may just need to fill their quota of an X amount of sewer line excavations a week... regardless if you need it or not. Heres why you should choose us over them for your plumbing & drain needs:

Cost – Big rooter companies are a nationwide operation with thousands of employees. From all the equipment they have to buy to all of their paid advertising, their overhead is obviously very high. In addition, CEO’s, managers, office staff, dispatchers, technicians, plumbers, shareholders etc. all have to get paid. So in order for everyone in those companies to be happy, they need to charge you with a higher price than your local small drain cleaning business does. These big rooter companies need to pay their employees, pay their expenses and make a profit as a business. At Superior Sewer & Drain Service, you are calling upon a small, local, owner-operated company with very little overhead; therefore we can keep our prices fair and affordable for you!

Quality – At Superior Drains you can be assured you are getting service from an experienced Sewer & Drain technician and not by someone who may have just completed their 90 day training period. In our 10 years experience, we hold ourselves accountable for all our work done in your home and/or business. We don’t work on commission so we are focused on the quality of our work instead of the quantity of our customers. We put in 110% because it is our name on our truck and our own reputation we have to uphold… not that of some faceless corporation.

Customer Service – All calls, service requests and emergencies go straight to the owner/operator of Superior Drains. Your issues are responded to immediately without going through endless departments and extensions like in a big business call center. We’re right in your backyard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ready and willing to help!